Tuesday, December 11, 2007


For you have need of perseverance, so that after you have done the Will of God you may receive the promise Heb 10:36.

The adoption is not going to go through by the time we need to be in Quebec and even though the school officials were willing to give us a week's delay it does not look like that will be enough time.

Therefore we are going to stay in Browning a little while longer. While we were mullling this over today our children watched Veggietales "Sumo of the Opera" and the Heb vs was the vs for the lesson. Neat uh?

So why were we pressing so hard in the first place?
#1. We have looked forward to going overseas for so long that we are aching to get there and delays are well delays
#2. The physician there in Impfondo desperately wants a pediatrician and needs a pediatrician to help him out at the hospital
#3. There is more medical work than any one person can do there
#4.We did not until recently get a sense from God that He wanted us to stop.
#5. We were expecting God to clear a path so dramatically that we would know that God and only God put us in Quebec.

And there you have it.
On the plus side we do still have a job here, and we will have opportunities to build bridges with other churches here and continue working with the Blackfeet at the hospital here.
We are even looking into some French language tutoring opportunities here.

Continue to pray with us and persevere in that regard.
We c0vet your prayers.

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