Saturday, December 8, 2007

Jumpin Jehoshaphat

Yet another follow up.
Anna and I keep coming back to the 2Chron passage where "we do not know what to do but our eyes are on you" and that gives us some comfort, of course as a kid I never wanted to be Jehoshaphat.

First I must say we are encouraged by several people emailing back and sharing anecdotes of their own forays into faithful walking. We appreciate them all, and are actually humbled by them. To put their stories together with those who walked by faith in the Bible causes me to see flashes of God's tapestry and it is awesome.

Anna talked to an adoption specialist today and there is a glimmer of hope that we can get something done by the first of the year and still make it to Quebec. Small slimmer.

Step one: we need a home visit and background check. We started the latter about 3mos ago actually because at the time we were looking at doing foster work here. I talked to a Dept of Family Services lady today and all we need are fingerprints and that is done. Now we need a social worker to inspect our home. This is a little funny because the state of our home is horrendous. So for step one we need the home visit to be done.

Step two: we need to find a judge to who will hold a special session after the 17th so we can have an adoption proceeding.

Step three: beg parole de vie to let us in a wee bit late.

Three steps. Easy.

In response to this, we are postponing the truck moving day and will wait and see if we can get a home visit from someone soon. The two organizations who routinely do this are backlogged and are not really a viable option.

If we don't get a social worker to meet with us this week, we probably will not be able to make it to the language school this winter and we will stay on in Browning and search for alternate ways of language study.

Surprisingly enough we are coming to a place of peace with this and are along for the ride. I never thought the rollercoaster was starting so soon.

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