Thursday, December 6, 2007

Which Bible Character would you prefer to be?

The update.
First of all I must say it is ironic how much we have been talking to lawyers lately. Given my vast repertoire of lawyer jokes I have to appreciate how much I am looking to them for guidance right now.

The immigration lawyer today made our choices sound grim regarding Kathleen. He said we could maybe get by with a power of attorney type of thing but we could also be detained at the border and worse Kathleen could be put in foster care while they sort things out!! This is not good.

So we got a name of another immigration lawyer who is a friend a daughter of one the docs who work at the hospital. We call him tomorrow.

I also talked to another lawyer tonight who is the ex-wife of another colleague (It turns out the world is inundated with these little suckers). She unlike our original consultation think we can get the adoption done in MT and that we should involve the mom of the child ASAP. The bio daddy has resisted this in the past saying he is not sure where she lives. I did a google search tonight and found her......or someone who lives in the same town she does and has the same name.......

So anyway more facts for the next step......
Tomorrow we call the immigration lawyer. I think the bottom line is that we are going to have to have legal custody of Kathleen before we can get across to Canada, but we will see.
We will also call another lawyer (do you know how hard it is even now to not make lawyer jokes?) who is the local authority (ie the person we should have gone to first) and see if she can work out something. This may involve starting the adoption proceedings and then filing for temporary custody Kathleen based on her not having a place to live and being able to keep her that way, or an out and out adoption.

To top it all off Wayne J, the Parole De Vie site administrator emailed us tonight to let us know that the apt we thought we 'd scored we did not.

So do our circumstances determine God's will or does Gods will in our life determine how we respond to our circumstances?

Anna and I are sure that God wants us to be missionaries, we are pretty sure He wants us at Parole de Vie this winter and He is the one who place Kathleen into our laps, and now we pray and go from there.

I could pretend we are Nehemiah and as in 4:9 of that book pray and prepare to fight.

We could pretend we are Gideon watching God whittle our forces (ie time) down so that we know that it could be only Him who made it happen that we end up in Quebec.

We could pretend we are Jonathan and his armorbearer in 1Sam 14 who attack a garrison on the premise that God's work does not depend on earthly numbers.

We could pretend we are Abraham and God is watching us fail in trying to fulfill his promise to us.

I certainly hope we are not Balaam mounting his donkey against God's wishes......and we have searched our hearts to make sure that is not the case.

The point I guess is that on each of the above's journey of faith they didn't know at the time either.

I am confident that God will place us where He wants us in His time.

Please continue to pray Col 1:9-11 for us.

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Martha said...

I think I am your sole commenter (sp of both those words?). It is funny to me that in the first paragraph you make reference to your lawyer jokes, but you posted under Anna's name.