Sunday, February 10, 2008

Updates galore

OK, there are several things to mention:
#1. we are still waiting for the paperwork from our home study. This should be done this week.
#2. We visited Chester and spoke at an Alliance church there today. We were warmly welcomed and patiently heard.
#3. We have an official website now. The purpose of that is so that people new to us our our calling can do a quick perusal of us and get a snapshot of what we are about. The link to that website is now in the left hand column. The website is
#4. I also added some "related links" in the left hand column as well such as the C&MA website, and international medicine website, and a Christian satire (yeah I know an oxymoron) called the Door. Visit the last one if you enjoy making fun of smarmy televangelists and can also stand humor that hits a little to close to home

One thought from today at Chester....In my little blurb about us I have as a reason that we are going is because of safety and I quote Psalm 20:7 and 30:16-18. Something for me to keep in mind is that I am only safe, content, completed when I am fulfilling God's imprint in my life and am surrendered to Him. I am glad He is a good God that enjoys giving us good things and not toying with our minds

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