Sunday, March 16, 2008

It all happened so fast!

A snail was robbed by two turtles and the police come to take his statement. They ask him "Sir, can you tell us what happened?" The snail replied stammering....."I don't know officer....It all happened so fast!"

Some things that are happening "fast" for us.
#1. We finally received a completed homestudy from our local DFS worker so we can proceed further with the adoption. The next steps are for us to send it to the attorney and she sends it to the last known address of the birth mother. If it is a correct address then, she either signs off on the adoption or makes trouble. If it is not then we publish in the local paper of her last known address...and we wait.

#2. Anna is homeschooling Ian......If you know Ian the prayer items are obvious there.

#3. Speaking opportunities......There are just not a lot of them within the Alliance currently and I am having trouble lining up some dates. We are speaking in Lewistown at the end of March.

#4 Upcoming things with us are......we are reapplying for entrance into Canada soon, we are actively seeking speaking engagements, and are looking to seek some of our responsibilities in service here to others.

Thanks again for praying for us....



Martha said...
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Martha said...

Perhaps you should move to an area where there are more CMA churches. GA has 56 as opposed to MT's 36. Of course, most of the ones in GA are around Atlanta. There are two in Savannah, though, and there are five with "Vietnamese" in the churches' titles, so maybe Kathleen could get you in those. Sadly there are only 10 CMA churches in TN, but one is in East Brainerd, and one is in Hixson. Kentucky has 19 CMA churches, none of which seem near Lewisport of Hazard. There are three on the way from Chattanooga to Lewisport, though; three are in Lexington where our cousin Curt lives; three are in Louisville, which I suppose you knew already.

Sunday, we celebrated John's and Sarah's birthdays, and Amelia kept us laughing. It was fun at the time, but when I got home, I wished all the cousins could have kept us laughing! John got the meat at Sam's, so we had our choice of steak or chicken. I cut up a bunch of veggies good for grilling and seasoned them with various spices, wines, and vinegars. I didn't label them, though, so it was a surprise as to which one each person got...we had salad and pie and cake...better than Thanksgiving, where all I eat is potatoes, bread, and maybe turkey...and pumpkin pie.

I know this is more like an e-mail than a comment, but I refuse to put in the effort to be brief.