Sunday, March 30, 2008


I thought it was spring until I woke up early Saturday am (230) by a call from our ER about a multiple victim I jogged over I could not help but notice....SNOW!!! I actually like snow except we were supposed to go that day to Lewistown to speak at church there. I got back home at 63o and slept for a while then I woke to 4 in and, more importantly, blowing snow. I took a look at the Montana road report and found that to be the case until about 30mi out of Lewistown.
I checked back an hour later to find out emergency travel only in that area. Pastor Diehl fortunately was gracious enough to switch us to next Sunday.

This came after a week where I asked God "Show me where You need t work in my life". I already (and Anna more so) an idea of some areas but then God was a bit to faithful to show me some other things.

Therefore I continue to wait on God.

Please pray for our speaking engagement this weekend in Lewistown.
Please pray that Anna and I would have and would take opportunities to live and speak the Gospel
Please pray for Joe and Becky and Harvey who are currently ministering in the Republic of Congo.

Take a moment to check out He has been a favorite author/musician of mine. I heartily recommend taking time to listen to his radio show.

Thanks for your faithfulness.

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