Sunday, April 6, 2008


To the left is the homepage picture of the Lewistown Alliance Church who were so kind to host us this weekend. The pastoring duo of Steve and Kristi Diehl were our first "human" contact in our application to the C&MA and from the moment we met them were encouragements to us. Not only did that continue this weekend but the church that meets in the building to the left also encouraged us greatly.

It was almost not to be though because we woke up Saturday to....snow.....yes snow. This is the most snow we've had here in our four winters and it seems to be when we are trying to do something or go somewhere. We made it to Lewistown though and were encouraged....

We were encouraged that Steve and Kristi could actually find joy in our children (our kids can occasionally be to much of a good thing---they get the "too much" from me and the "good thing" from Anna), and that they opened their home to us.

We were encouraged by the opportunity to speak.

We were encouraged by the openness of the congregation to us.

We were encouraged by their prayer for us

We were encouraged by the interest in our calling.

Anna and I appreciate you prayers for us and we experienced those prayers for safety as we traveled this weekend. Continue to keep us in your prayers and we continue to seek to become closer disciples of Him


Anonymous said...

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Martha said...

I'm sure you were happy to receive a hug from Dieta, the other commentor, a person you don't know. Get used to it. Especially when you go to churches back East, especially in the South, people will want to hug you but especially will want to hug the kids. Ian will love it.

Don't you mean that the Diehls were your first face-to-face contact with the C&MA? The people who sent letters and your application might also want to be lumped in the "human" category.

I am praying for you all each day, focusing on the adoption at this time.

I hope the previous statement is redeeming enough to get you through this part; your handwriting is much harder to read than the font on your blog, but your punctuation leaves something to be desired. I think it's the abbreviations with no period afterward that confuse me, only second to the multiple comma splices.

My mom found that I made the paper Saturday, the day the least people read it. In the comics, "Grin and Bear It" showed a man robbing a bank with a gun pointed at one of the tellers. The other two people in the picture had their hands in the air, but this teller had her hands on her hips and was saying, "I think holdup is hyphenated."

Only certain people have the time and energy to spend so much of it worrying about grammar and syntax.