Monday, April 28, 2008

Flash Forwards

We recently got some flash forwards of what we will be facing as we continue on our course following God to the Republic of Congo.

#1. Language. Anna and I had an opportunity (rather last minute ) to meet Kathleen's grandmother. W struggled to understand her and she us. Ian at one point even said (in his own sweet and sensitive way) "You don't speak English very well" The following day we heard a pastor from Albania speak in actually very good English. This Fast forward was to a realization of our own language struggles upcoming and our desire to be more like the Albanian pastor in our language acquisition and less like the Vietnamese Grandmother in that. Please pray even now for our skill with that.

#2. Troubles now. I think we are up to about a 1/2 dozen people encouraging us with patience w the adoption process. The fast forward here is that most of them are good news of successful finalizations. Pray that this goes forward quickly

#3.We are currently at the Rocky Mountain District Meeting for the C&MA and the fast forward here is that we are introducing ourselves more to this community and we look forward being able to speak at more churches but also coming back and testifying to God's goodness to and for us. Pray that our being here will create more opportunities to share God's plan for us with more people.

#4. We recently received another email update from the Harveys detailing their ongoing struggles to be salt and light in the ROC and Joe almost casually mentions that one of their daughters is recovering from Typhoid fever. Typhoid Fever! The fast forward here is the health issues we ourselves will face for us and our children. Pray for healing there, and our peace as we contemplate that.

#5. I am currently reading a book called Multiplying Salt and Light by Stan Rowland on community health evangelism. As I read stories there I fast forward to our own challenges understanding culture and interacting with the same as we minister to others. Even now pray for wisdom for us.

#6. On Saturday I was called to the hospital to help with a child who was run over by a car. There was not much to be humanly done and this precious 3 yo died a needless death. My first fast forward here was to the grief of the parents, then my feelings of helplessness fast forwarded me to what I imagine will be even more of those feelings in the ROC as I watch other children die, then I fast forwarded to the end of Revelation where the Lamb that was Slain will wipe away every tear and there will be no more sorrow or death.....even so Lord Jesus come.......

Please continue to pray for us as we seek God's timing and will in our life that we may have opportunity and seek to make opportunity to share God's plan for the ages.....


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kellsmith said...

When I first saw the title of your blog, I thought ROC meant the "Return of Christ." Then I realized it was the Republic of Congo. It's neat that it can have a double meaning!