Friday, May 23, 2008

Traveling Road Show and Early Goal Directed Therapy

This weekend begins our family's jaunts to various churches. This weekend we are going to Colstrip Mt which is Montana's newest city and was voted as Montana's top sport's city by Sport's Illustrated in their 50th anniversary. It is also a coal mining town so I should feel right at home (I grew up in the hills of eastern Kentucky).

As we begin these weeks of speaking in churches I thought I would place some "help wanted" ads for those of you who would like to serve as senders........These ideas are taken from a book titled, oddly enough, Serving as Senders by Neal Pirolo.

Today we will just introduce the concept. The genesis for the book was the author's realization as both "goer" and a "sender" that there was more to sending than merely praying or giving money to the goer. He catalogs some stories of both good and bad examples of goers being steadied or burning out depending on the support of senders. He then sets out some specific areas where the church body can focus on as senders and helping the goers do what God is calling them to do.

The areas the author chooses are : 1. Moral Support. 2. Logistics Support 3. Financial Support
4. Prayer support 5. Communications Support and 6. Re-entry support.

In future blogs I will try to flesh out job descriptions for each of these areas......or you could just buy the book for 10 blog is free but you get what you pay for......

An analogy here is a concept in emergency medicine for treating people dying of major infections (we call it sepsis). There is a move afoot to not just "do stuff to make the dying pt better" but looking at specific areas we can monitor to do that. Since we like acronyms and fancy titles we call it Early Goal Directed Therapy. In medicine we would check the blood pressure, some fancy numbers, their blood counts etc.....Here to make sure we survive you as a body of Christ can focus on these six areas to keep us alive emotionally and spiritually.



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Martha said...

Do you think there is any link between Colstrip being the newest city in MT and also being voted the state's best sports city??? I had another smart comment but now can't remember it. That is the redeeming thing about being so forgetful...I am less annoying because I can't remember to be smart alec ALL the time.