Monday, May 26, 2008

Moral Support and the Colstrip report

Our trip to Colstrip went well and we met and were encouraged by the church there. The weather was a bit iffy with a lot of rain, and the Sunday was also Graduation Sunday and Memorial Day weekend as well. Still we were blessed to be able to visit there.

Today I am posting the help wanted ad for moral support. Please remember that these categories are man made and although there are biblical basis for these they are still to be used as tools only and not had doctrine.

This is probably one of the harder support pillars for me to ask for. It is probably second only to asking for money….I think there are several possible reasons.
1. Satan uses my asking for moral support as an admission on my part that I am demoralized. 2.I fear the “yes men” who will agree with all of our thoughts and not use discernment. 3.The asking for moral support makes us accountable to the givers of said moral support. This is good and I should welcome it and I do but covenant entering does make me nervous some times. 4. In asking for moral support I feel like I am implying that we have not received any. Nothing can be further from the truth.

I also realize that moral support is the foundation of all other supports. Hence the picture of the pillars I also realize that each of those support categories provide moral support and that moral support is integral to each of them

A moral support verse Josh 1:9

Biblical examples of moral support Jonathan and David, Barnabas and Paul, The church of Antioch to Paul and Barnabas
Biblical examples of the lack thereof: Mary's pregnancy announcement to Joseph, Jesus in the Garden.

Wanted: Moral Supporters. We are looking for individuals and groups to fulfill an important niche in our ministry. Must be alive, willing to talk to us, listen to us, offer correction to us, and otherwise guide us. This person should have an active relationship with Jesus and be willing to be supported back. The holder(s )of this position must realize that moral support is a foundation to any ministry and that Christ is our chief cornerstone. They must be willing to build on this foundational stone by encouraging us to live simply, focused, and to be involved where we are. The holder of this position should also be an active listener with us, be willing to take part in commissioning us, and be willing to send us. This is not a paid position but the holder thereof will store up riches in glory. “Yes men/women” and perpetual "wet blankets" need not apply as they are not true supporters. Please send applications to

ps you may want to check out the other categories before you commit.

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