Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wanted Ads continued---Looking for Logisticians

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Our trip to Kalispell was very encouraging and even though i had a major flub (I casually mentioned that we were waiting for our "divorce" instead of our "adoption" to be finalized) the church seemed interested in us which is cool.

Today we are placing an ad for Logistic Support.

Wanted: Practical, detail oriented people who are willing to team up with others to provide support for us by keeping us accountable, encouraging our spiritual growth (here, there and back again), managing our business and personal affairs. If the applicant would like to apply to do all of these jobs please do not apply since you do not meet the definition of practical. Area 1. Personal Spiritual Growth involves being willing to keep us accountable to God and our goals of reaching the world for Christ by conversing with us in these areas. It also involves assisting us as we seek to maintain our relationship with God as well. Area 2. involves our finance issues such as budget concerns, taxes, health insurance and this is partially filled. Area3 involves the details of our personal lives such as moving, storing, making a will, etc. This is partially filled.

Verse: 2Tim 4:13 And when you come, please bring the clock I left with Carpus at Troas and the books, but especially the parchments

The lynchpin of this area of support is that you have to know to help. You know by keeping a conversation going with us. I must take time to thank Lowell and Bonnie Meznarich for their extensive help in this area already but there is more than enough room for more :)

Some "details" currently facing us but not immediately requiring action are:

1. what to do with our stuff. My family are willing to store a lot but there is a finite amount of room. We need wisdom to get rid of what we cannot use.

2. When to actually leave for Language School since our adoption is still not finalized

3. How to plan for our kids college

4. What is the best way to get our stuff across the country?

5. How to maintain some sense of community with our children to provide for spiritual growth for them and us. we are already traveling a lot and so there is a drawing inward as a family. This is not a bad thing but it hinders our awareness of the body of Christ.

6. How much should I try to work in the states as we learn French in Quebec?

Some suggestions from "Serving as Senders"

area 1-communicate with the missionary, send over books, mp3 files (i made that one up) or other forms of av sermons, devotionals or even have a correspondence Bible study with them

area 2- help us make a budget. the C&MA are covering our overseas medical expenses but the at home we will have to foot some of the bill for the insurance here.

Area 3- keep aware of needs such as storage place for goods, being willing to be a power of attorney or an executer of their will

Thanks for considering to send us in this area. I am not fond of details (this is why I walk out of the patients room after asking the nurse to do torture like procedure---urinary catheters, tubes down noses etc) but they bear paying attention to as we all know.

thanks again

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