Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Jumpin Jehoshaphat redux or the Kathleen Conundrum

I think I am actually getting better at alliteration:)
To bad other things aren't falling into place for us. Anna and I really hoped that we were getting past Jehoshaphat's prayer in 2 Chron 20:12 "nor do we know what to do but our eyes are on You" but we have not.

As I mentioned in an email recently Kathleen's birth mother called on Sunday and wishes to reunite and (at this point) take custody of Kathleen. This is a shock to us since our lawyer has been looking since March and had given up and was merely posting in a paper in the town of her last known address.

We do not know a lot about the mom and this is source of anxiousness for us, but she sounds very excited to know where Kathleen is and at least wants to be a parent. In the midst of this there are some mixed signals and so we are waiting to meet with her and determine a plan from there.

Anna and I love Kathleen very much and we want what is best for her. We may not be that and we are OK with that, but our biggest concern is Kathleen's spiritual, mental, and emotional health.

The plan we have is not a good one and hence the verses in 2Chron popping up again. We already had a court date set for 7.16.2008 and unless Loi (the mom) pushes for and wins the argument for a continuance this will be when it is. Prior to that we will meet with Loi and possibly her boyfriend/fiance and try to come to an agreement at that point. Barring successful mediation there we will go to court. The court and rule that (a) we get kathleen and no further discussion (b) Loi does and no further discussion or (c) the court needs more time to ascertain Loi's situation, or (d) none of the above.

We really don't even know how to pray for this except that God will give us wisdom and spiritual understanding and that we are trusting that the Holy Spirit makes intercession for us (Rom 8:26).

If there is a quick resolution we could still make it to Canada for language school this fall, if there are continuations or more homestudies then we are delayed yet again in getting to Canada. This latter option fills me with fear because we are cognizant of the fact that so many have started to run a good race and did not finish and we desperately want to follow through on what God has led us to do (whatever, wherever and however that is).

Our current goals are as follows:
To maintain a good representation for Christ in this matter
To be a witness of Christ's love to our immediate neighbors and to Loi
To stay focused on the high calling which God has set before us and
To seek God's presence in our lives.

Thanks again for praying

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