Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's like hearing my life on the radio

In our particular locale in Montana we have a radio station that plays both types of music.....country and western. In one of their ad spots they have callers say how much they like the station. One lady gushes "It's like hearing my life on the radio!" I've always kinda pitied her. I mean who wants their life to be a country song.

Fortunately we are not living a country song but there are a couple of songs that express some thoughts and feeling we are having. For our more seasoned readers I will reference "It is Well With My Soull" and for the younger set "Blessed by the Name of the Lord" For both of these songs the thrust of the message is.....We will interpret my circumstances based on our faith in God and will not let our faith and view of God be based on the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

Now I will not claim the tragedy that befell the author of It is Well with My Soul (lost his wife and children when a boat went down crossing the Atlantic) but on Monday we found out that legally Kathleen's birth mom does not have to even go through the courts to get custody of Kathleen. We also found out that next Monday (the 7th) she is coming up and she will spend a couple of days in Montana and then plans to take Kathleen back to North Carolina. From our lawyer's standpoint we have no legal legs. Therefore now our only recourse is to make sure that Kathleen transitions ok or the mom miraculously changes her mind.

This news comes after a very exhausting but rewarding weekend that we had in Helena MT where we were fortunate enough to have new friends praying for us and interceding for us. We said there that what we want for Kathleen is the same for our other children. #1 that they have a personal relationship with Christ and that they are raised in a loving environment.

We now have to trust God that He can make that happen. It is strange that we are trusting God to take care of us and our children in Africa but I struggle with the idea that God can take care of Kathleen when she is not with us. Silly concept really but still we are concerned and are trying to find the Peace and the ability to say "It is well with our souls" and "Blessed by the Name of the Lord"

Therefore continue praying for us, for wisdom, for peace, and thank God for his Holy Spirit who makes intercession for us.




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