Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Simple Update

Things are picking up speed here at the Wegner household. We are busily tying up loose ends and trying to get ready to make our great Eastward Migration. There are a lot of things going on so i will just make a list for you:

We still are in need of our QAC for Quebec. This is a document saying we can stay there. This is usually a formality but since we do not have it we are a little leary.

Jamie our foster child has a new home and will hopefully be transitioning there soon. The foster mom to be is a foster mom for Jamie's first cousiin as well.

I am busily trying to finalize some last minute stuff on my patients at the IHS facility here in Browning. One becomes so invested in the children's lives that it is hard to just let them go. My last day is tomorrow and I will be paid roughly through the end of August and then we are on our own.

We need to finalize our health inusrance switch as well.

We are also trying to get a mailing packet in the mail for churches we have visited or been in contact with regarding our ministry.

Our general moving timeline is as follows. This weekend we pack. On the 5th I pick up the Uhaul and we load that. On the 6th we get started on our journey. From the 7th-12th we are driving cross country to my parents house. From the 14th-21st we are visiting Annas parents. grandmother and hopefully will see Kathleen, on the 22nd through the 25th we are back at my parents, and the 26th we leave for Canada. We hope to get ther on the 29th and get settled in to our apartment. On 9.1 we have our orientation and on 9.2 We all start school except for Caleb

We need child care for Caleb for the upcoming school year.

Kathleen's parents have a custody hearing today in Great Falls.

Somehow just typing this makes me excited and also a tad bit nervous. There are so many things that can happen and so many things that can go wrong. I am glad we have a sovereign God. We just plead for wisdom and patience to make it through this month.

Thanks again for your prayers and please prayerfuly consider how you can apply any of the "Sending" methods I've been writing about to the updates I just gave you.

thanks again

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