Monday, July 21, 2008

Wanted Ads again-communication

A group of senders who excel at communicating or conveying information. We are specifically looking for people who can keep get information from us and pass it on to others and who can keep us in touch with others. However this goes beyond merely a transferring details, but being involved in our lives and conveying our passion to others. Methods used could be email, telephone, the "classic" package or mail , and even a trip to where we are.

For my part I try to do a good job of passing on our struggles and our successes on to you via the blog, but I am aware that I am not reaching everyone. That is where you the reader of the blog could come in and transfer this info to others in your small groups, your church, you family and multiply my attempts at communication.

In other aspects, i wonder if if is dawning on you that these areas of focus should not be limited to cross cultural missionaries (although the next two of financial and re-entry support might be more specific) but is something that we all should be focused on as we minister to each other in our local fellowship.

We need to communicate with one another our successes and failures, our fears and our reluctance to complete the great commission. we need to provide moral and prayer support to each other as we live a witness for our friends and family and providing logistics (such as freeing your wife up to meet with other ladies in the neighborhood, or watching another couple's children) to fulfill the great commission. Let's face it, our reason for being here is to live a witness for others to have the opportunity to know the abundant life of Christ. It is easy for me to lose sight of that in getting ready to move, mourning Kathleen, working long hours and I know I am not unique in those struggles

So encourage one another and as you contemplate an area of "sending" for us look around your church body and send someone next door.


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