Sunday, August 17, 2008

3000mi down 2000 mi to go...

We are in the midst of our travels from MT to QC and we appreciate your prayers.
The trip from MT to my parent's house went well and we made it in 5 days and we took about 1/2 day to spend at a water park in OH.

We then unloaded our stuff at my parent's property and a spent a day relaxing. We then loaded our car back up for a trip to Fayetteville NC to see Kathleen and her mom (and mom's boyfriend). They are in the process of moving to CO where the boyfriend will be posted. We were happy to see Kathleen and her mom and see that they are getting a long well. We are concerned of course about a lot of issues. Please continue to keep Loi (the mom) Kathleen, and Chris (the boyfriend) in your prayers as they transition to a new place and that they would seek God.

From there we went to the Chattanooga area to be with Anna's family .
On Tuesday we go to Lewisport Ky to see Anna's grandmother and from there back to my parent's house to load up a trailer and to speak at a church. We then will go to Quebec from there.

we do have our papers for immigration to Canada and Ian's should be coming soon.
We still do not have daycare for Caleb lined up.
We still need to firm up our plans until we get to Canada.

Our family is each dealing with our transitions in different ways.
I have twinges of panic such as " I have no job, I have no income, will all the stuff fit in the trailer, will the pilot haul the trailer? I should be doing more stuff, what can I do" etc.
Ian and Isabelle and Anna all are doing pretty well with stuff, Anna is mostly exhausted from packing and driving. Caleb is having a hard time though. He keeps saying "I want to go home", "I want to sleep in my own bed' and so I think he may be having some issues.

thanks again for all of you for praying. I still plan on finishing the "sender/supporter" series, so hang in there.


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Crystal B said...

Hey Wegner Family greetings from good ole Browning. I sounds like you have been busy since you have left, with all the traveling. Having a great time I hope and probably exhausted at the same time too. Well I just wanted to say hi from the kids (Shanna & Tayen just in case you forgot haha) and I. We do miss you and will keep you and your family in our prayers. We will also keep Kathleen and her family in our prayers too...take care and be safe in your travels. God bless

your friend
Crystal Bremner