Monday, August 25, 2008

So far so good

Ok, another magnificent seven quote coming up.
Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your point of view) i could not find the clip on youtube.
The scene is where Yul Brynner's character and Steve McQueen's character go to get a elderly man to come to the village to stay safe. He declines but then asks how the preparations and training of the villagers are doing. Steve McQueen replies with a story....."There was a man in El Paso once who fell off a 3 story building. People on each floor heard him say as he far so good" Steve then looks at the elderly man and says "So far so good".
The picture above is like that. This is our car loaded down hauling a trailer on our way to Canada. We left this am and are now in Staunton VA. Lowell, I tried to channel your packing capabilities but came far short.

We swing by a former church in baltimore before spending the night with an aunt and uncle of mine in PA. The next day we go watertown ny and then cross the border to Sherbrooke QC on Thursday. Then its returning the trailer, registering kids for school and unpacking.

Also during this time we had the opportunity to speak at the church my parents are a part of and so that was a blessing as well........

Continue to pray for us as I am stressed out about the load on the car, the kids are very tired of staying in hotels and sitting in the car all day, Anna and i are stressing about the kids in school,and getting across the border.......the list could go on but the fact remains that God is sovereign, rich in mercy and able to handle our mistakes. That makes me happy.

Continue to pray for us we covet that.


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