Friday, August 29, 2008

Sherbrooke and beyond

I wanted to post a quick blog though we are up to our eyeballs in boxes to let everyone know we arrived in Canada without a hitch ( I mean our car's hitch was still attached as was the trailer but there were no delays, hang ups or other catastrophes on the way).

Some highlights of our travels:
Ian knows how to swim (don't worry it was a swimming pool teaching not falling out of car into lake or anything)
The car made it.
Customs was a breeze as no searching of our trailer was done and it only took about 45min for the canadian border patrol to complete paperwork
There were kind folks here to help us unpack and especially the Christiansons ( learning french on their way to Hati) exposed us to great kindness
The trailer was returned today without any problems

Some ongoing issues
Adjustments-traveling across Quebec made some culture shock it home (yes I know its only Canada but still the traffic patterns, the knowledge you are not a citizen and in Quebec the uncertainty that people can or are willing to speak English will wear on you

Isabelle is going to school in kindergarten in a french day/ english day pattern. She is nervously excited

Ian is in 3rd grade ( you might lift his teacher up in prayer)

Daycare for Caleb ( there is a possibility Anna could do class in am and I in pm and thereby avoid a 3rd party daycare)

My seeking monthly employment in the States

Anna and I adjusting to the new environs and different expectations.

More to come later with picts of the apt.

Thanks for praying

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