Wednesday, November 5, 2008


#1. Computer C

#2. television B

#3. Dishwasher (actually this is supposed to be the machine dishwasher but we take what we can get) F

#4. stove D

#5 book E

#6. chair A

your score
0-1 correct, keep praying for us but you are no polyglot.

2-3 correct you have potential but keep praying for us

4-5 correct, keep praying and come join us

over 5 correct, you should be going to Africa instead of us...keep praying

Seriously, thanks to everyone who has been praying for us.
We are over all doing well with being in QC. Ian is doing better in school and is at least resigned to learning french. Isabelle is loving life here mostly and is enjoying learning french. Caleb still is.......well being a 2 year old.

I will not be able to work in VT until Jan at the earliest, and we are still working on our budget for the Congo. Please pray that we God will continue to work in our lives and will give us wisdom about future decisions.

Please also pray for the democratic republic of congo as well. This is not where we will be going but is in great need of prayer. Pray also that the fighting there does not destabilize the work in Impfondo.

thanks for praying


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Martha said...

Hmmm-I'm sensing a theme-You need prayer and are thankful those already praying-Just a guess. I can't wait to see you in December-Well, mostly the rest of your family, but I'm glad you're coming, too!