Sunday, November 23, 2008

Serving as Senders-Finance

IF you are reading this after seeing the title you deserve a little gold star. No, you deserve two.
Because times are not so great right now and if you are like me the word finance makes you slightly nauseous

Several months ago I started a serving as senders series here explaining several ways you can serve in sending us to the Congo. There was prayer support, moral support, logistitcs support, communications support and financial support. I didn't do one on the financial part of it because frankly I hate talking about it. But I feel like i should since we need to see where we stand on getting to Africa.

I will go with the assumption that since most of you signed up for the blog because you are interested in missions that I do not need to revisit verses in scripture supporting this practice and will jump to some FAQ (that I imagine you would ask if you could or would)

#1. How much money do you need?
We have three sample budgets right now. The least is sitting at 45k per year and is my own based on the other 2. One of the others is for 60k and comes from the Doc working at the Pioneer Christian Hospital right now but includes a lot of hosp related stuff. The other is based on living in Brazzaville and comes from the C&MA HQ. It is very general and sits at 75K. i hope to have a firm budget in the next 2-3 mos.

#2. I thought you were going with the C&MA doesn't their Great Commision Fund cover everything?
No it doesn.t Since we are going under the IFAP (International fellowship of alliance professionals) arm they give us some logisitics support and pay for 3/4 of our med insurance on the field and 1/4 in the states.

#3. I thought you were going as a doctor won't you be paid by the hospital?
No I will not.

#4 What are you living on now since you are in language school unemployed?
My family is currently living off money we saved while being gainfully employed.

#5. I am in a C&MA church should I give to you or the Great Commission Fund?
If it has to be either or, then go with the great commision fund.

#6. How can I tell where my money goes?
The C&MA uses 6% of the funds you give towards us and uses it for admin purposes. The rest comes to us and you can see how we use it by following our blog. we also file a report annually with the C&MA and are accountable to them as well for what we are doing.

#7. How can I give?
See the instructions at the bottom of the blog at

#8. When should I start giving?
As soon as you want and God leads you to give. All the money we get will go to us going to Africa.

#9. Can i see your budget?
Yes you can. Just email me and I will send you a copy and feel free to make suggestions.

#10. Why should I gve to you and not something else?
This is a cousin of question to #5. We are following God's path for our lives and this is where He is showing us that we can be most used right now. You should make giving to us a matter of prayer first and for most and only give to us if God wants you to give to us. If you have no idea what i am talking about send me an email at and I will be happy to continue to talk to you about it.

I hope these ten FAQ's helped answer a lot of questions. Please fill free to contact me for further questions and by all means continue praying for us.


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