Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas updates

We are fast approaching the end of this semester and the first 1/3 of our language training.
I must say we are doing pretty well with our language acquisition. I would liken it to having a foundation and the frame done on a house. Said structure does not look like much but is a huge part (the most important even?) of a good house. The same with our language acquisition, we have learned a lot of foundational stuff but if you were to ask us to translate a book for you then you would be sorely disappointed.

Our plans for the Christmas holidays are as follows.
Leave on the 13th and arrive in the Chattanooga area on the evening of the 15th. Stay there until the 20th. Leave on the 21st to Lewisport KY (Anna's grandmother) until the 25th. From the 26th to the 30th stay in Hazard Ky. Travel back to Sherbrooke after that.

Please pray for traveling mercies and for a good visit with our families.
Pray for our support and for our Christmas letters that are going to go out this year.
Pray for our childcare situation next semester since our class schedule is up in the air as well. Anna and I may be in the same class which would put Caleb in daycare or we may consider one of us dropping out and utilizing a tutor for the semester as well.

For those of you who want a better sense of what the hospital will be like where we are going, you can go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mxVajs-Fik

it is 9mins long but a good idea of what life will be like



Lowell & Bonnie Meznarich said...

AWESOME video!! :) What a day! Is there any way you can burn that to a DVD??? It would be great to use in church!

Blessings on your Christmas "vacation"! :-P

Bonnie & Lowell

Martha said...

The video makes the ROC seem more real to me---and motivates me to pray for the Harveys and pray more specifically for you.
I'm excited about your visit, but the weather is not looking good for you to have a golf day. Too rainy.