Sunday, January 4, 2009

We're Baaaccckkkk

The Wegner Clan (well the montana-to-ROC portion....there really are a lot of us) is back in Quebec now. Her (Quebec's) brief respite is over.
We drove about 2500 miles in all and stayed at 4 different places, 4 nights in hotels and the kids got some loot for presents. We enjoyed seeing a lot of family and reconnecting there. We also enjoyed some warmer weather and ordering food in English

Anna and I were encouraged both coming and going by a couple of packages from Cut Bank MT.
That was really awesome and some thank you's are coming your way.

Now it is back to classes for the kids and us this week and hopefully leaps and bounds in language acquisition. We are still waiting to here what our class structure will be like and so we are still up in the air about what to do with Caleb if Anna and i are in class together. All four of us will actually start school on Tuesday as tomorrow is orientation for the new students here and a "planning day" for the teachers at our two oldest schools.

Ian turned 9 today and I am truly amazed at how time flies with him. He and I recently had another conversation that ultimately God used for me...."encore" the french say. He was wanting to get some more toys and books that tie into a video game he enjoys playing. I was not to keen on that and so I told him that if he does something with one aspect of his life (computer time) it is probably just a fun hobby, but if he starts doing it with 2 and 3 aspects (toys, playing with friends, reading books) then it becomes more than a hobby and he should be on the watch that the video game (and by extension its authors philosophy ) doesn't control his life. Believe it or not he got it or at least realized he was not going to prevail. Later I was taking stock of what I spent my time doing and realized anew it was very reflective of what was controlling me. It needs to be God...not God's work, not learning French, not being good, not being a dad, not being a husband, not making money, not being a doctor. This was not news to me nor is it to you I wager, but was good to reorient myself to that.

thanks again for praying, and following with us.

Happy New Year.



Martha said...

I think all the really important lessons are ones that we have to learn over and over, such as an idea seemingly as basic as living for God alone-not God first, but God only. I am also often reminded of these lessons through my interactions with children. They're sometimes so much more together than we are!

Katie said...

Hello. We are members of a young adults Sunday school class at the Helena Alliance Church in Helena, MT. Our class is committing to pray for your family as you prepare to head out onto the mission field. Other than what you've posted already on this blog, are there some specific ways we can pray for you and your family? Please feel free to e-mail us at Thanks and God bless you!

Katie and Josh Loveland