Thursday, January 29, 2009

Caleb's story

Editors note: These are my presumed thoughts of Caleb but I think they are pretty accurate

I've enjoyed living in Sherbrooke but since I am the youngest and the whole world really belongs to me it has not been that hard. The hard part is taking care of my parents.
My day usually begins with me waking up dad so he can fix people breakfast. Once I make sure he is on the job I relax a little and watch TV like I am doing here. The other kids and mom go to school then i have a very hard job of keeping dad on task all day. We practice french words for animals a lot and i help him study, but he and I have a lot of stuff to get done
He and I do the shopping while mom is in class.

First I have to make sure the car is cleaned off for him which gives me an excuse to play in the snow. Then we go shopping.

I like it when dad lets me clean off the snow

It is great when there is a car buggy in the store

This day those things to most of the morning. But my day is not over yet. I eat a "big snack" at lunch time because I don't like to eat lunches. Mom usually comes home then and I have more work to do. Sometimes I have to "help" her a lot with her french computer program, but mostly I just work on my own computer games. I also help her with some housework as well.

Here I am sweeping the floor for her

As you can imagine I sometimes get tired.

I really like it when my brother and sister come home from school and I make sure they get all the attention they need and that they give me all the attention that I need.

At night we do devotions and my favorite song is "blessed be the name of the lord" and my favorite things to pray about are "being crazy" and "using the potty"

Editors note again:
Ian really does have a lot of fun throughout the day and is a delight to have around.
We would ask you to pray for him specifically for physical health, for better comprehension of God's love for him, for Anna and I to have wisdom in balancing study and care of him and that he would continue to love to learn French and other new words.

ps-I know this post is about Caleb but i wanted to let you know as well that Ian had a much better week at school this week and his attitude towards french is a little better


bonniebo said...

great post!! give the little soldier a hug for me!! ;)


Emmy said...

kara loved seeing Caleb being "so silly"! Simon wants a story told from his point of view now too! we'll be praying for Ian, esp! Keith & Jacob would love for him to practice his french on them through email, if that would help!

Martha said...

When Caleb prays about "being crazy", is he praying for himself or his Aunt Martha? Just asking. Also, you got Ian's name in there a little too soon-in the paragraph just before the one about Ian. I'm glad you all have Caleb to help so much!!!