Thursday, February 12, 2009

Isabelle's Story

Editors note:
Last night I "posed a few questions" to Isabelle as she played and I will try and reproduce the answers as accurately as possible. Isabelle= IW me=W4tR

W4tR: Do you miss Browning? Why?
IW= Yes, because I miss our house and playing with my friends.

W4ftR: What do you like most about living in Quebec?
IW: I like playing in the snow.

W4ftR: What about Craft Night?
IW: I like that too. (editors note: Isabelle is a crafter par excellence and likes it almost more than her mother :0) )

W4ftR: Do you like school? Why?
IW: Yes, I like bringing home homework to do (editors note: yes she really said that!)

W4ftR: Do you like French or English better?
IW: both.

W4ftR: What do you like best about Ian?
IW: ?

W4ftR: Do you like it when he reads to you?
IW: oh! yes.

W4ftR: What do you like least about Ian?
IW: when he bugs me.

W4ftR: What do you like best and least about Caleb?
IW: I like it when he plays with me. I don't like it when he bugs me.

W4ftR: What do you miss most about living in the states?
IW: I miss Kathleen and playing dolls with her.

Editors note: Isabelle has overall done very well with transitioning to French and does better at pronouncing things than I or Anna. As noted she misses Kathleen more than our other kids, but she manages it well. Please pray for her spiritual understanding and for emotional stability as we progress towards Africa


Martha said...

Mental Note: Don't bug Isabelle. She doesn't like it. I think it also adds something when reading to imagine her facial expression and tone of voice. I'm sure that will be more true for Ian's bio!

Martha said...

I have spent a good amount of time (or bad, depending on your perspective) thinking about the letters/numbers you used to signify you and Isabelle. I've just figured it out:). Now I can rest well until morning!