Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ian's story

Editors note:
Ian's typical day includes getting up, getting ready for school. He usually gets pancakes for breakfast, and then its off to school. He goes to an English speaking school but has about 1.5 hours of french a day and then on wed he goes to a tutor as well. He usually has English and french homework each night and occasionally some math homework as well. He really has done well with adjusting to the winter and plays outside a lot.
He still has trouble interacting with the francophones in the area though just because he has very little motivation right now to speak french. This is getting better. Of all our children he is the most spiritually responsive right now and is "getting" concepst such as the golden rule, kindness, and the need for others to know about Jesus even when these concepts are inconvienent to him.
I've posted some picst of him and I dared to ask him a few questions.....and even mostly wrote down his answers.

W4tR: What would you like to tell people who read our blog?
Ian: My dad got a crazy gene from his dad and now I am getting it as well. (editors note: this has not been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt)

W4tR: Anything else?
Ian: I have a very good imagination...and don't get the wrong idea about imagination

W4tR: what is the hardest thing about living in Quebec?
Ian: All of the people speaking French.

W4tR: Why are we learning French?
Ian: to help people in the learn about God.

W4tR: What is something God has done for you while we've been in Quebec?
Ian: He gave me some good friends, and He is helping me learn French.

W4tR: What do you like about the winters here?
IAn: the big snow hills are good for building forts, and that I've learned to skate.

W4tR: What are things you like to do the most?
Ian; Read, play computer games, watch movies, and use my imagination.

W4tR: What kind of candy do you like the best?
Ian: I don't have a favorite kind but gummy bears (without milk or peanuts) are good.

W4tR: How can people pray for you?
Ian: That I will remember how to survive the dangers in Africa, that I would learn french.

Editors note again: I am particularily proud of Ian and is adjustment. Please continue to pray for his spiritual, emotional, and physical health.



Martha said...

I remember the anticipation of Ian's birth, the quilt Sarah and I made (note that no one else got a quilt...), and finally meeting him when he was a few months old. And now he's 9, halfway to adulthood, as Anna said. He's funny and silly, and it's lovely that he's developing an understanding for God's will. I hope his parents will help protect against the dangers in Africa.

Lowell & Bonnie Meznarich said...

Remarkable "kid", Stephen!! :) I love his answers and his candid responses about God working in his life! I can't wait to see what God has in store for him (and you all!!).

Thanks for the blessing of encouragement today. I have the "winter blahs" and sick of mean people. :( Too bad Quebec is too far for a quick road trip in the middle of tax season or any other season for that matter!