Monday, March 30, 2009

I smell bad

That is what I said.
Michël, my reading partner was being nice and correcting some texts for me and I said "I smell bad that you are doing this extra work for me"
What I meant to say was I feel bad but the french have this crazy habit of putting a pronoun in front of a verb and causing it to change its meaning. That was one of them. Another is a verb that means to season meat without a pronoun in front of it and with a pronoun it means to persevere. So I guess I should season some meat with my language learning!

I also wanted to say "I smell bad" (read feel bad) that I haven't been thanking all of you enough.
Some of your are giving financially in financially difficult times and we do appreciate it and we are praying for you. I also realize that live is hard for a lot of you as well. Not just financially but with relationships, with internal pressure, external pressure etc. Thanks for reading this and thanks for praying for us despite all of that.

I also "smell bad" that we haven't given a lot of planning information out for the summer.
In the next couple of weeks I hope to provide you a lot more info on where we will be after language school, what you can do to help, how you can pray, and when we hope to head for Africa.

There is one specific thing to pray for this week and that is that on Wed Anna and I will give a 20 min presentation on our mission in the Congo... in the bible school students here.

Thanks again
and try not to smell bad.


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Martha said...

I smell bad that you are not familiar with the endocrinologists here in Chattanooga. It would be nice if you could make a recommendation.