Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I got this picture from a workbook called "Pathlight" which is designed as s seminar/ss curriculum text for missions. When I saw it our partnership--God, you and us--refocused for me. Don't worry about all the terms in the fire but I want to focus on what is the fuel. Prayer. To have a fire you need 3 things. You need fuel, you need oxygen, and you need a spark. I would say God provides the spark and the oxygen with his Holy Spirit and the fuel that burns to produce the flame of missions is prayer. With prayer every part of the flame is on fire and show's its light. With that in mind I want to copy an exert from that same book about petitionary prayer. These comments were written by David Wells.

"What then is the nature of petitionary prayer? It is, in essence, rebellion --rebellion against the world in its falleness, the absolute and undying refusal to accept as normal what is pervasively abnormal. It is the refusal of every agenda, every scheme, every interpretation that is at odds with the norm as orginally established by God."

Ann and I know that many of you have joined with us in rebelling against the abnomality in the world and we would like to reciprocate. We would like to pray for you. We would like to pray for you that God's will be done in your life and in your situation. Leave a comment on our blog or send me an email at

Thanks again for praying and do continue to do so for us.


Martha said...

Praying for you all in the midst of my illness and fatigue. Lying in bed feeling weak is a great opportunity for intercession!

Elijah Lofgren said...

Thanks for sharing this! :)