Friday, April 17, 2009

Where we are going

The final installment of our summary series.

Where we are going

Our immediate future is clear, the not so distant future is fuzzy, and the distant future is murky, the ultimate destination (praise the Lord) is very very clear.

After our tests this week we will begin a conversation course in french. This will mean less written homework and a lot more talking. this is good but will be hard for us.

The conversation course will last until June 23rd. After the course we will travel to eastern Ky where we will be camp missionaries at Camp Nathanaael This is a camp that I attended as a youth and that helped me develop my relationship with Christ.

After that in July we hope to a) see our families ( I have at least one, maybe two family reunions) and speak in some churches in the Kentucky, TN area as well. If your church wants to learn more about missions let us know as

After July it gets really murky. We essentially don't know where we will be.

Option 1: We get the financial support we need and we go to Impfondo. This is our preferred plan. To execute this we need at least 3k in promised support (that plus our savings and our checking will sustain us for 3 years and then we could garner more financial support later), but ideally we will need the 4-5k per month.

Option 2: We do not get the financial support and we stay back east, I do locum tenems work to earn cash and not burn through gifts that people have given for us to go Africa.

Option 3: Same as option 3 except we go back to Montana and raise money from there, and work there.

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Martha said...

Ewww! I do not like option 3. I realize you will be further away in the ROC, but I know you are eager to get there. I will pray (selfishly) that if you have to stay in the States longer that it will be in the East. I will pray (less selfishly) that God will lead you to the exact place He has for you.