Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Where we are

The second of the posts

Where we are

Well that's the easiest answer.

We are in Sherbrooke still.

This week we take our oral and written exams for our second level and we prepare for our next course which is a grammar-lite-conversation-heavy-let's-put-all-we-know-together-and-see-if-we-can-actually-talk-in-french course.

We are helping out our upstairs neighbors who are korean and finished their french courses. They are waiting for God's direction of where they should go and while they are waiting they began a Korean/french church in their house. We are teaching a sunday school class in english. We have a 10 yo girl who is korean, a 14 yo boy who is japaneese, and ian. So we are teaching a class in english to three different ethnic groups in a francophone area.

We are also in the middle of trying to organize our immediate future plans (more on that in the next post).

I am in talks with a locums company to get other short term work

We are on facebook and twitter

Where we are with our financial support is different. We have about 1200/mo committed of our need 4-5k per month. All the money we are receiving now is going in to a savings account and we are paying for our tuition for school and living expenses out of our checking account.

We are reveling in God's love for us.

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