Sunday, June 21, 2009

Moving Again or Take, Store, Trash or Share

We as a family are getting a little to good about leaving. We are preparing yet again to leave yet another place that wasn't really ours to begin with and heading into a somewhat murky unknown.
Even more fun is that we are playing this really cool game call Take, Store, Trash or Share. Anyone can play the game ages 0-99 are appropriate. What you need is a place full of stuff and at least two destinations (we are playing the 3 destination version). Then you go through your stuff and as your packing you have a mantra going on in the back of your head which is the name of the game. The challenges are that the other game players will not agree with your decisions or worse they will be equally indecisive about the article as you are, that you cannot just quit the game, that you have to keep playing and playing and playing until its all done, that the longer the game goes on the louder the "trash" option becomes and you have to guard against giving in and that point as well, and finally that you are really not sure what you are going to really need to take.
We are really missing the helpers we had last year.

Monday Isabelle graduates from kindergarten.
Tuesday Anna and I graduate from Language School. Tuesday is the last day of school for the kids
Wednesday we leave for US

We have been blessed recently by some addition financial supporters and that is really cool to see other people come along beside and support us.

Our trip to Burlington VT went well. Thanks for all you prayed for that.

Please pray that we will have some speaking opportunities this summer and fall and that we would achieve our financial goals so we can get to the ROC this fall. We are inching towards those goals by God's grace. If you live in the KY, TN, IN,GA area and would like us to speak at your church or want to host a get together at your house to have us share what we are doing just let us know. We have a couple dates open in July still and we have most of Aug open as well.

Thanks again for your prayers

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bonniebo said...

Happy Late Father's Day. :) I hate to tell you we spent the weekend at Many Glacier camping, hiking and fishing. The Littles are finally old enough to do real hikes and now I'm too old! :-P

We'll be praying for the whole process. Sounds like the Browning move squared! :-S Wish we could be there to help, it was lots of fun (from our side) except it was SAD! lol

Congrats on all the graduations taking place! Give Isabelle lots of hugs from us! I'm so excited for you all, though I know this time of "limbo" isn't exactly easy or technically fun, it's getting closer to the final goal!! YAY! :-D