Monday, July 6, 2009

Famous Last Words

I bought a book in burlington VT called "Famous last words" and they range from the inane to the funny, sad, ironic, and profound.

One serves as a word of caution from General Sedgwick who was looking over the parapet at enemy lines and said "They couldn't hit an elephant at this dist....." he of course was killed while saying those words.

Another even more poignant came from Simeon Calhoun in 1876. He said " Were the church of Christ was she should be, twenty years would not pass away without the story of Christ being uttered in the ear of every living person." Wow.

We are packing up again! We have turned my parents house into a UPS depot again! Tomorrow I go to pick up another UHAUL trailer to take some of our stuff to another destination again! Why? Because I want in 20 years for Simeon Calhoun's dying wish to be fulfilled. 200+ years later but fulfilled. Our family wants the people of ROC to live healthier lives, we want to see kids get physically better, but the root is what Simeon Calhoun was saying. We want people to hear the story of Christ. Not hear religous words laden with incorrect meaning, but to feel and know the love of the Creator for His children.

Continue to pray that we would have the courage and the love to live out God's love for the people we are around. Pray for safety as we travel to NC on Wed to drop off stuff we are shipping to the ROC.

Pray for the ROC, She is scheduled to have elections on 7/12.
Pray for us as I speak at Hunter Memorial Baptist Church on 7/12
Pray for us as we travel to Anna's grandmothers's on 7/12 and as I begin work on 7/13 at a hospital nearby.
Pray for continued financial provision and that we would be good stewards of His money.
Praise God that the week at Camp Nathanael went well.

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bonniebo said...

GREAT POST! :-D We just got back from a clearly supernatural week at family camp in Hungry Horse. I've never seen anything like it (heard about moves of the Holy Spirit like this but never seen it - and NO I don't mean "toronto blessing" style! LOL :-P) thanks for the clear reminder of why we are all still here on earth! We're still very much praying for you, in fact, we think of you many times daily. Glad camp went well!!