Thursday, July 30, 2009


Thanks for all of you who continue to come along side of us with prayer, moral, logistical, and financial partnering to help us further the this radical goofiness that is the good news of Jesus. We have had a busy month in July. I am going to talk about two areas of semiurgent needs from us. See the bold type and follow that up with a wrap up of prayer requests and where God's been working.

I need some help in two areas .
One is with the communication support aspect of our partnership though. I am looking for volunteers to help get these words to people who do not use computers but who attend a church that you attend. This maybe printing them off for a bulletin board post once a month or just giving them to people you know in your church who exceed in the area of prayer.

An illustration of this need is a lady in E KY named Peggy Manchini who has been serving God for a lot of years and who now spends a lot of her time praying. My parents will fill her in on our needs as they hear of them and she prays for us. She is a huge part of our team but if not for my parents she would not know how to pray effectively for us.

The second is for speaking engagements.
If you are in the eastern United States and would like us to speak at your church in August we need to know within 5-6 days so we can plan the next months of whereabouts for us. Also
So I hope you see the need.

If you are in Montana or points between MT and KY and would like us to visit your church we are traveling out to MT either the middle or end of August and will stay there through a good protion of September. Please let us know if we can come along with your church and partner with you to spread the word about us, IFAP, God's goodness etc.

IF you want to help out with these just send me an email at and let me know. This would also encourage Anna and I greatly as well.

Now for updates.

TRAVEL: We have been to Hazard KY, Lewisport KY, Chattanooga TN, Lewisport KY and now we are back in Hazard KY. We plan to be in WV this weekend then back to Chattanooga TN and Lewisport KY. After that we are planning to get to MT in September but see above for details. Thank God for travelin mercys so far and pray for contninued.

SPEAKING: We had a good week at Camp NAthanael, and we also enjoyed our visit at Hunter Memorial and Augst 9th we will be speaking at a C&MA church in Louisville KY. Please pray for that and for more engagements as well.

FAMILY: Praise God our family is doing well. Ian was ill for a couple days this week but we've enjoyed relaxing times and good visits with family

FINANCES: I was able to work some the month of July and will work some more the month of August. I am also trying to secure work in Browning while we are there. I am doing this to offset our living expenses here so as to not to dip into what people have given as gifts for our ministry. We also have recieved some more promised financial support and are about 1,ooo/mo away from being able to go for 3 years, and we are about 2,500/mo away from a more longterm support level. Please continue to pray that God will raise up people to partner with us in this area and prayerfully consider doing so.

Thanks again for praying with us.


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There are a lot of points between KY and MT.