Friday, August 21, 2009

So when are you going?

I get that question a lot. I get it from family members, from churches we are speaking at, from random strangers I to whom I explain why I am "minimally employed".
The honest answer is we still don't know. We do know we are getting closer though and we are going through a checklist what we need to do before we go.

We need more supporters--we are almost at a level to go for the first 3yrs and are about 3/5 for a full time support. We still need more communication support (See last post), we love the moral support we are getting, and we are needing some types of logistic support as well.
We need immunizations.
We need plane tickets
We need visas
We need to do wills, powers of attorney and other stuff like that
We need to finalize plans for our vehicle
We need to stay the course

Given those "needs" here are our plans for the next two months
Yes we are going to MT this September. We are trying hard to get there. We had originally planned to leave for MT on the 24th of Aug but we did some dental check ups this week and we need to take care of those things before we go to MT. Nonetheless we still are going to keep our speaking engagements (unless something else occurs) for Septemeber
Travel Plans
Leave for MT sometime the last week of August.

Speaking Engagements
9.13-Billings MT
9.20 Columbia Falls MT
9.27 Hamilton (waiting confirmation) MT
10.4 Richey MT

Misc Plans
Reconnect with friends and supporters in our home church of Cut Bank Community Bible Church
Sometime in there I might work some shifts at the IHS site I worked at in Browning as well.
Obtain needed vaccines for Republic of Congo
Apply for Visa for the Republic of Congo

Return East in OCT have more dental work done, do one last round of visiting family and if we have our visas, our plane tickets and all else is a go then we will leave the end of OCT.

Please pray for our children as we continue to bounce around from house to house, help us to stabilize their routine,
Pray for Anna and the kids as they start homeschooling this Sept.
Pray for us as we speak at churches
Praise God for the health our family so far and traveling safety.
Praise God I was able to do some work to gain finances to mitigate unexpected dental costs.

thanks so much for your prayers, your communications and other support.

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