Saturday, September 26, 2009

Updates, info, and other stuff

Its been a while hasn't it?
Here are some things we've done so far.
We've spoken at our church in Cut Bank, First Alliance in Billings MT, Fellowship Alliance in Columbia Falls MT, Central Bible Church in Kalispell MT.
I've worked 7 of my 9 schedule shifts in Browning.
We've been to a dessert auction in our honor.
Anna and the kids have started home school
We've purchased our tickets to The ROC.
We leave on Nov 6th from Covington KY (the Cincinnati area airport) and arrive on Nov 8 in Brazzaville.
We know where we are going to live in Impfondo now.

Here on the map of the Pioneer Christian Hospital it is at 2 o'clock and listed as the Van Achterberg or the "blue house".
Also if you go to IMPFONDO and see the compound on the north (top of pict) east (right of road) and can zoom out to see where it is in relation to the rest of the ROC.
One word of disclaimer, the pict from google earth is just me picking out the compound from the map. I did not confirm this with missionaries there.

Some Praises
We bought our tickets
We are getting more financial support
We are slowly getting more communication support at each of the churches we are visiting.
Safety on all of our travels. We are driving a lot but God has been very good to us.

Some Prayer requests
Pray for our visa applications that are going out on Monday. The usual turn around is about 2 wks but can be longer. Obviously we want the visa's prior to leaving so pray to that there would be a quick turn around
Pray for us as we speak at churches that we would represent God, our calling and our selves accurately and positively.
Pray for continued traveling safety.
On the way back to the East we are going to try and meet Kathleen. Pray for that rendezvous.

Coming Soon
FAQs about our job in the Congo, living conditions in the ROC and other miscellaneous stuff
Future travel arrangements and our "to do" list before we go to the ROC

Thanks again for praying, Continue to do so...


Beth said...

Wow! Tickets purchased. That's exciting...praying for you in these last weeks.

Julianne said...

HI Wegners!
My name is Julianne Loge, and I've been in ION (Impfondo) working with GOM twice. Just thought I would let you know that your picking out the HELP compound on Google earth is accurate! Blessings on you as you prepare - I know what it's like, don't worry, you will survive. Our God is mighty to save!