Tuesday, October 13, 2009

FAQ's continued

Yesterday we did General and today we will do travel related FAQ's and also children related FAQs

What is your itinerary for travel to the ROC?

We leave for the ROC on the evening of the 6th from Cincinnati Airport . From there we will fly to Paris France and arrive there in the morning local time. We then leave from there around 11pm local time and arrive in Brazzaville around 730am local time. We then will spend around 2wks in the capital city setting up ways for funds to be transferred to us, getting acquainted with other missionaries, meeting US officials, meeting Congolese officials, purchasing tickets for our flight to Impfondo and potentially buying last minute items to take to Impfondo. About two wks later we will fly to Impfondo from Brazzaville.

How long of a layover will you have in Paris?
We will spend about 12 hours in Paris and may try and see some sights (but maybe not).

Why don't you drive to Impfondo from Brazzaville?
There are no good roads from point a to point b.

Children Related
Are your kids excited to be going?
For the most part yes they are ready to go. They are tired of traveling now and are looking forward to Africa. Each of them in their own way has expressed some degree of grief about separating from friends and things in the US but all are upbeat. They also can tell you why we are going as well, and they recognize the importance of the physical and spiritual condition of people we will be trying to aid.

What will you do for the kids schooling?
Anna will be homeschooling the children. There are a couple of other mothers there who are also going to be doing the same thing but Anna will have the youngest children in the co-op. We will be using Son Light material and will benefit from books already there and books that are in transit to there that we have purchased.

Will you have internet access for schooling?

We should have intermittent internet access and since our home (see post from Sept for picts of location) is close to the hospital we have the potential for using it for schooling, but the connection is tenuous and relatively expensive so we will try and limit that to some essentials

What other things will Anna need for schooling?
We are purchasing another small computer to be used for schooling and Anna's recipes as well. She will also need a lot of patience as well.

What are you doing for the kids schooling for college?
Anna and I have opened 529 B accounts for each of the children to begin saving for college. Hopefully this will get them at least a year or two of financing. IF you are interested in giving just to that just send me an email and I can let you know your options.

What can we do for the kids' birthdays?
If you plan far enough ahead of time you can send them cards? For example sending Ian and Caleb cards now for their birthdays in Jan might get there in time. Other options are to give to their 529 B funds or just save up the dough yourself and get them something when we come back to the States.

Whatever happened to Kathleen?
Kathleen was the child we were trying to adopt (see the june and july 2008 posts for particulars) and we were able to see her on the is last trip back from Montana. See our family blogsite for more info and picts of that. Please keep her in your prayers. Her mom is now a citizen of the US and she and Kathleen seem to be getting along well. Kathleen is in kindergarten this year and is enjoying it a lot. We would definitely like to stay in touch with Kathleen and her mom.

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