Tuesday, November 3, 2009

FAQ's Continued General and Financial

Can you believe we only have just over 72 hours before our plane leaves for the ROC!!! We have a lot to do in that time, and are keeping pretty busy.

Some things we've done since our last post....
We traveled to PA to speak at the church my Aunt Lois and Uncle Bill attend, and we were able also then to see some old friends from a camp Anna and I worked at and even some friends from MT! We then swung by Baltimore MD and met with some members of the CMA church there that we used to attend when we lived there.

We then traveled back to KY and I spoke at another of our supporting churches here in Hazard.

We've also bought more stuff we need for Africa and have been busy packing and organizing as well.

Unfortunately this also brings some tough decisions about leaving stuff or taking it.

Now for the FAQ's

What is the time zone in the ROC?
It is 1+ past the GMT which means we are in the Eastern Hemisphere in the ROC and it also means that we are 6 hrs ahead of EST (-5 GMT) and 8 hrs ahead of MST (-8 GMT) but I think that decreases by an hour for each of them during daylight savings time.


Are you at your target level for support?
Almost. We need about $200 more per month to be at our target level.

What is your target level?

Is that enough for you to live on in the ROC?
Honestly, no. Other support is coming from one time gifts from jobs that I worked this summer in various emergency departments, and from our savings.

How can we give?
Go to www.wegners4theroc.blogspot.com and scroll down to the bottom of the page. There are instructions there.

What if we want to give something just to the kids for college or whatever?
If you want to give us or the kids a personal gift you can send make the check directly out to us and send it to:
Meznarich Accounting
PO BOX 1113
Cut Bank MT 59427

We have also set up a 529 B college savings funds for each of our children. If you wish to give to that then you still send the check to the Meznarich Accounting address but make it out to Charles Schwab and then put the child's name in the memo section. Our accountant can get it into the right account.

Can we help pay for specific items you need in the ROC?
Yes you can. IF you or your church wants to help us purchase specific things for the ROC just let us know.
Some items we will be purchasing are:
Propane powered refrigerator $3,000 USD
Propane powered stove $200-500 USD
Ceramic water filter ~$ ???
Cell phone and or SIM cards for cell phones with plan $50--200
bicycles $50-150 per bike times 4-5.

Just let me know via email at swegn001@gmail.com and we will let you know how you can underwrite such things.

Now I grow weary of writing of financial matters and I think that covers things. Let me know if there are any other questions.

Thanks for praying.

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