Sunday, April 18, 2010

Follow up

Now that we've been in Impfondo a while we are starting to see familiar faces when we go on outings to the market or to visit others people. this is a pretty fun. One particular familiar face was particularly satisfying to see. He was one of our patients in the hospital when we arrived in November. He is a refugee who has not let his life circumstances dictate his view on life. He was shot as he was fleeing the Democratic Republic of Congo and ended up losing his right arm secondary to infection and tissue damage.
I showed a picture of him in our Christmas post and he continues to do well. Since it is not safe to go back to his home he began a "boutique" here. We stop by often and try to buy things from him to help him a little. He also has come to church several times as well. Continue to pray for Gerrard and other refugees as they heal physically and leave the hospital. Pray that they continue to remain rooted in God's love. Thanks for you continued prayers for us as well.

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