Saturday, May 8, 2010

Little Things

It's amazing the cliches that have popped up around "little things"
"The devil's in the details" "Don't sweat the small stuff" "Details create the big picture" "God is in the details" "It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen" Are just some of the few that I've come across. Our past few weeks and months have been full of "little details" The list that follows is only partial and has good things and bad things in them.

A irritant rash on Caleb which is taking a long time to go away. We've gotten our money's worth of free advice of how to rid it and he is still dealing with it. Where's a doctor when you need one?

Bot fly infestations on Caleb. These little bugs burrow under your skin to grow into flies and Caleb has had about 10 of them now. At least we are getting better about recognizing and treating them.

Anna had two moles that popped up on her shoulder and back and were growing pretty quickly. We were able to get them removed and sent them to the US for pathology reports. Both were benign.

Leaky roofs and bathtubs.

Venomous snake in the front yard that was killed by one of our guards about 15min after I had walked through the same area without a flashlight.

Going a week without internet.

Going on a month without gas to cook with and using a small kerosene camping stove to cook meals.

Now makes one week of no gas for the refrigerator and so we can't keep the same quantity of food on hand.

Our new stove arrived this past week.....but we still are waiting on the gas.

team dynamics. I you read the last hospital newsletter on our blog site you know that our team is growing. the two nurses are breathing life and advocacy for the nursing staff here. The others are trying to fit in as well. With the growth comes change and with change often comes conflict. Change also allows old wounds to open again. Our team needs to love. To receive God's love, to love each other, and to love all we come across during our day. Ok this isn't a small one this is a big one. But this big one is affected by all those little things.

thanks for continuing to pray for us.

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mom Palin said...

Thank you for your updates. They keep up praying and so thankful you are there. (After reading your 10 reasons) I just see how important your ministry is. May God annoint your team for his glory! kp