Thursday, May 13, 2010

Top Ten Reasons I like working in Africa

#10. I can blame my poor penmanship on French
#9. There is no electronic health record
#8. I can make comments to myself in English and not insult anyone
#7. Everyone in the room knows the patient diagnosis and will tell me if they aren't telling me the truth
#6. I don't have to worry about ICD-9 codes.
#5 I get to pray for patients without getting flak.
#4. No paperwork (well very little)
#3. No commute.
#2. I can now ask someone "are you passing gas?" in 3 different languages.
#1. No Lawyers

The one that is bigger than the list though is that God has pleased that our family and I should be here. Thanks for helping us through prayer and giving

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Beth said...

Oh goodness. #2 is too much! :)