Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Random Saturday

Since most of my last posts have been word heavy I thought I would give you a tour of patients that I saw today.

These first group were from our emergency room

This first lady came in for abdominal pain and we are considering surgery

This child is 10 yo orphan with malnutrition who weighs less than 24 pounds!

This man suffers from the stigmata of leprosy and has pneumonia.

This child just came out of a 2 day long coma and trouble breathing after drinking kerosene

These two are of the same girl, who has pneumonia and sickle cell anemia.

This child is recovering from dehydration because of a stomach bug. Getting ready to go home.

This elderly man is in a coma from dehydration and tuberculosis. We are the last resort for him.

More picts to follow. But know your prayers undergird our work here and I encourage you to not lose heart in doing good.

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