Sunday, March 27, 2011

random saturday part two

Here are the postpartum and "women surgery" rooms in the hospital

A lady who is 16weeks pregnant with twins but her placenta is in the wrong place and we are trying to keep the children and mom alive.

One of the twins from the lady in the first picture

The older sister of the twins. Recovering from polio

32 week premature twins slowly gaining weight to go home

This beautiful smile belies the fact that this 10 yo has lost 7 pounds in 2mos from typhoid fever

Recovering from life saving cesarean that Dr. Fuka performed last week.

Trying to avoid surgery with antibiotics

recovering from appendectomy

29 yo woman who has an abdominal fistula after a botched surgery in a "health clinic"

70 yo woman, Dr Fuka did a mastectomy for breast cancer

29 yo who had to have a hysterectomy because of tumors. No children.

Keep up the good work of prayer


Laura Pimentel said...

Dear Steve,

I was one of your residency faculty at Mercy. Amal had forwarded your note. Very moved by the faith and missionary zeal of you and your family. I love the pictures of your patients. My mother had been very influenced by the wife of a C&MA pastor many years ago. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


Laura Pimentel

bonniebo said...

Precious people! :) Thanks for the photographic reminder to pray!

mom Palin said...

Steve thank you for the pictures. They make your work so real. When I finished I wanted to cry for the pain that is with each patient but also the joy that you and your fellow drs. would choose to serve others in this manner and thus glorifying our Savior. May these pictures as I view them in my mind remind me to pray for not only your talents for the physical, but the spiritual and the emotional. God bless your Drs.