Monday, March 28, 2011

Random Saturday part 3

Here is part 3. The men surgery ward, the women's and men's medical wards and pediatrics.
All of these people and more needed care on that one random Saturday.
This young guy rocks! Great attitude and work ethic after receiving a leg amputation because of a severe leg infection

This gentleman has a leg infection but still managed last week to go to church and even translated for us.

This gentlemen suffers from stomach ulcers and a chronic wound infection

This child came in when he was 1 yo and weighing 10 pounds. he is now 14 pounds 3 weeks later.

This is a child who we suspect has had a stroke from the combination of sickle cell anemia and malaria.

This child suffers from an infection he caught while still inside his mom.

The child did not breath on his own for the first 10min of his life. His name is Grace.
His mom is now sick with a breast infection

This lady has a chronic lung infection which has spread to include areas around her heart

Believe it or not this lady has gained 4 pounds in the course of her treatment here

This lady has been here almost two months to treat her lung infection

This lady is here for longterm treatment of a lung infection

This lady is far from home and here for long term antibiotics for a lung infection

This is a young man with bleeding uclers whose blood level were 10% of normal.

This elderly man is a rare case of elder abandonment. he has severe hip pain and chronic lung problems.

This young man has severe spasms related to meningitis and low calcium levels

I can't say this enough. Thanks for praying for these patients and hundreds like them that we see all the time as we try to shine God's love and heal the whole person


Barb Nicholas said...

Thank you for these great pictures!
May God continue to use you to show forth His love and care there!

Holly said...

God bless you -

I will be praying for each of these! (())

Emmy said...

Thanks so much for giving us specifics over which to pray!! We'll have Jacob present these requests to the Ort crew this week! We'll be praying!