Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Wegner introduction video

Here is a new photo montage we put together to introduce ourselves. Lots of picts of our family and hospital activities.


bonniebo said...

Awesome job! Thanks for the year in photo! It was great to see you all and your people! :)

Micheal Belayudam said...

One of the best posts till now i have seen!
Thanks for Posting.

Introduction Letters

Patty Grubb said...

great video - how we love your family and lift you in prayer. blessings on your amazing ministry.

svenpandas said...

Stephen - your video, vision, and service there in ROC is so touching - We, John and I as well as our "Praying for Africa" group (organized by Rafiki includes you in monthly prayers, so feel free to send requests to OR I will be checking your blogspot as well... blessings for continuous energy, medical wisdom and spiritual quidance! I teach Foundations for Medicine(Health Science) at our local high school and our church (Kalispell CBC) and daughter's church in GF (CMA)support you as well - so we lift you up and desire to support you in whatever your needs may be!