Monday, May 30, 2011

Burn Patient- Scarred but Shining

The following is a hospital update from Ginny Vandevoorde.
Last Friday I spent some time with Marie, the burn patient. Kyria had told me that she was worried about the color of her skin. Her arms and hands are pink, not black. As much as black people like to get their skin to a lighter shade, they don't want it to be completely white (pink) like ours. She is a pretty woman no matter what color she is and her face is mostly black. I talked to her about God's perfect plan for her and that he saved her life from the flames maybe to come here and learn more about Him and receive Eternal Life. She understood that she was a sinner and needed to repent and she also understood that God had trusted her with a heavy trial (being burned and scarred for life ) because He knew she could come out shining, that God can fill her heart and life with a joy that comes only from Him, and that she can show the light of the love of Christ, so that people don't see her scars but will see God's love. I think she understood.
Now she is healed enough to go home by boat, but who should pay the hospital bill besides the boat captain who is responsible for the fire/explosion in the boat...? He has fled the country and she is waiting/wanting him to pay the bill.... Thanks for praying for this difficult situation where again, we know God is in control.
In His hands,
Ginny and Jean-Pierre Vandevoorde
Republic of Congo
Picture with Marie's sister and I: note her pink hands and how the black pigment is coming back into her face.

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