Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Making a leg at Help

Another update from Ginny Vandevoorde:

In all the things you have made, have you ever made a leg? Two of the most lucky amputees in the whole region are here at the hospital, and another man is on the waiting list! Kyria, physiotherapist from France, our niece, has been working on a new leg for Joselyn, a young man in his twenties. It is so exciting to see how it has taken shape! Every day we saw the leg 'grow' towards completion. More than once she had to throw it to the scrap pile and start again. With plaster, a few socks, tape, leather, and a piece of bamboo that we went out to cut down ourselves, and many hours of work, Kyria has been creating a prosthesis. Never had she made a leg before, but with the encouragement from Christine Groves, a short term re-hab doctor who was here for only 3 weeks, and with the help of a book, Kyria has made a leg for Joselyn and he is walking without crutches, only a cane, with his new leg. The first day he wore it only 10 minutes and will increase the time everyday. Joselyn reads his Bible every day and with the help of a patient-pastor, is growing in the faith.

Another amputee is 10 year old Sammy, the most smiling boy you have ever seen. His leg is almost finished but in the mean time he has been busy playing frisbee, football, and can do almost anything that we do with both feet. I could go on to tell other stories of different patients, like a little girl named José who accompanies Sammy everywhere, who gave her life to Jesus...
All these people will stay ingrained in our memories as we leave. Saying goodbye to the patients, nurses and doctors, friends, disciples and fellow missionaries is not easy. One chapter ends and another begins. God makes all things work together for our good and we know that He is leading us on to other pastures. We have been enriched and immensely blessed during our time here seeing the hand of God working wonders in and through us and in the lives of many others. Jean-Pierre has taught so many and now it is time for them to disciple others. We will leave but who will obey His voice and come help?

This is my last mail from Congo. We will be returning to Quebec, Canada to see what God has in store for us next. It has been my privilege to tell you a bit about what God is doing here at HELP. Please continue to pray for His work here at the hospital.
God bless,
Jean-Pierre and Ginny
from H.E.L.P.
Rep. of Congo

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