Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Another Random Satruday prt 1

It's been  awhile since I've shown some picts of patients so a couple of weeks ago I brought the camera to the hospital and snapped picts of the patients  I saw that Saturday.  Here they are:

This girl was a victim of a motorcycle collision and had an open fracture and lacerated dura.  Dr. Foudy and I did our best to sew what we could with the instructions that we had.  By God's grace she left the hospital two days ago doing extremely well.

This little guy has pneumonia and was having febrile seizures but is doing better now.

Unfortunately this patient did not have a happy ending.  He died of liver failure of unknown etiology.

The patient here is the child.  His mom is having trouble feeding the child because of her love for alcohol.  The child is gaining weight now, but the mom is still struggling.

This happy lady was post op day one from a c-section that Dr. Laura Foudy did for her.  She did well and went home pretty soon after the surgery.
 This little girl is very unhappy that she has malaria...and that a big white man was standing next to her.  The families tell their kids that the white people eat them or that I will give them a shot if they don't stop crying.  It doesn't really help.

 This little man is a happy healthy newborn

This smaller woman is our only premie currently. She was born at 30 weeks and about 1500gm (2.5#).  She is gaining weight well and out of the isolette now.

More picts to come.  Thanks for praying for our patients and your interest in what we are doing here.  

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your patients. Thank you for sharing your life and God's love for them thru medical attention. May our Father continue to protect, bless, and use you and yours for his kingdom.