Sunday, July 1, 2012

Another Random Saturday prt 2

You might remember this guy from the last time.  He has paraplegia from an infection.  He has no family in the area and now doesn't have a way to support himself.  So he's hanging out with us.  I hope we can find someone who can teach him something to do with his hands

This young lady will be with us 2 months for he treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis.

Who is sick here?  The girl in the red.  She has a chronic bone infection in her right arm that we've ha to clean out frequently.

The mom of this child was convinced that the child was a sorceress because the child was not gaining weight.  She is still underweight for her age and height but is catching back up steadily.

This little guy is swollen from a type of malnutrition called Kwashiokor.  It comes from not having enough protein in one's diet.  The big challenge is to keep the mom and dad on board with giving the right food

This is another guy suffering from malnutrition.  This one was doing oik until he got a stomach bug and then he ha no reserve to eat or maintain weight.  He's starting to turn around now

This cutie is the child of a first time mom and needed some help learning how to breastfeed.  It also helped that we were able to feed the mom as well.

This elder had a stroke pushing his wife (see next) in a wheelbarrow to receive care.  He can now walk again and talk but his right hand is still very weak.  Have I mentioned we need a physical therapist?

This is the wife who has a chronic wound on her foot that is slowly healing with good wound care.
You can see that we have  a lot of social problems here in Impfondo and the line between being an independent adult or active child and being sick is very thin.  Please continue to pray for our patients.  Pray for God's wisdom with their medical an social problems and for us to be good porters of God's love to them.

Part 3 coming soon.

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