Friday, July 6, 2012

Travel in the Congo- Part 2

While flying may be an adventure at times, we are happy that it is an option for us.  Our other options for traveling any distance are limited.
For about one half of the year it is possible to get to Brazzaville by boat.  The fastest these boats go between Brazzaville and Impfondo is five days.  For the "fast boat" you have to be prepared.  The boat doesn't stop or slow down, but you can paddle out via canoe, and climb aboard.
The other boats take about two weeks, unless they break down, which seems to be about 75% of the time.
How do most people in Impfondo get around town, or go to visit a place further away.

1. Walk

Walking is the most common means of transportation.

This little girl is going out to work in her family's garden.

2. Bicycle

Dr. Laura arriving at our house on one of her rare days off work.

3. Automobile

You can take a bus ride for 200CFA (about $.40US).  Or if you're lucky, you can get a ride in a truck.

Isabelle is showing how to drive the gator.  This is used for transporting things on the hospital grounds.

4. Mototaxi

Recently this has one of the most popular ways to get around town.  Unfortunately, it is also the most dangerous way to get around town.  There are accident victims in the hospital on an almost daily basis.

5. Pouse-pouse/wheelbarrow

If you need something or someone moved, you can use a cart called a pouse-pouse (literally push-push) or a wheelbarrow.
Pouse-pouse at the market.  That's my bide and yellow trailer in the background.

For those who can't walk on there own, their family finds creative ways to get them around.  This man is bringing his wife to the hospital for an appointment.

6. Boat/Canoe

You can always travel by canoe.  This can get you to some of the villages along the river that are hard to reach by land.

Canoes by the ocean in Pointe Noire

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