Monday, July 9, 2012

At the Market

Produce Aisle

Caterpillars are back in season.

More produce

You can buy spices, rice or beans by the cupful.

Fresh Meat: This man has purchased a duck to eat.With no refrigeration, many people try to keep their meet alive as long as possible.

The cook for our hospital cafeteria (in the orange hat) rplacing her daily purchases in her bike basket.

You can sometimes purchase grilled meat at the market.  The head of the goat is on the ground in the corner of the picture.

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bonniebo said...

ok, I will not complain about driving to Kalispell or Great Falls to shop EVER EVER again.....however, it was fascinating to see glimpses of the market! :) Now I know for sure why you guys have lost so much weight! ;D