Monday, April 28, 2014

Random Saturday- Part 1

This past Saturday was my second on call and so I wanted to give you a flavor of the patients in our hospital and what they are going through currently.
This very dehydrated child is an Auca and has malaria with other infections.

This lady is one day post op from an operation to remove a 9 mo fetus from her abdomen.
She is a trooper.

This lady came in during the night with abdominal pain. She has lots to consider.

This guy is happy because he survived a harpooning to the chest without major incident.

This lady had c-section 2 days ago, her fourth and final.
A very sick lady and a friend of one our missionaries. Hanging in there.

Another lady who is one day out from a hysterectomy.

One day out from a hernia repair, he's doing well.

A middle aged guy who was taking a bad combination of medicines for his suspected seizure disorder.

4 day old 30 wk child who we are trying to coax into gaining weight.  He is off oxygen now, and he weighs around 2#.

These two have been fighting for space for 8 months inside their mom and now in our isolette.  They are doing well but still weigh a combined 6#.
Thanks for praying for us and supporting us.  The care we give here is made possible by your partnerships.  Thanks so much!

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